How to Make Your Own Bling Flip Flops

Various videos showing you how to add bling to any ordinary pair of flip flops. Watch and listen to these experienced fashion mavens as they provide step by step instruction on how to bling up your wardrobe and save money at the same time. Welcome to Bling University.

This video shows how to add lace tape and just a touch of bling to add life to a dull and boring $2 pair of flip flop sandals.


Running time is 9:15.

While this video offers no instruction on how to decorate your flip flops, it does display several nice examples that might provide a spark for your own custom ideas.


Running time is 0:34.

This next video lesson shows a different way to attach the bling to the sandal. Instead of a heated glue gun, a heavy duty commercial grade needle and synthetic thread are utilized.


Running time is 2:27.

This video has no audio with it - but it does show how easy it is to give an ordinary pair of flip flops a bling make-over. Materials can be purchased at any crafts store, and within minutes you are able to easily modify your sandals with bling. Check it out.


Running time is 2:34.