Summer is a Time for Outdoor Fun

One of the most "fun fashion" times of the year is summer. The weather is nice and warm and depending on where you live, the evenings continue to be pleasant after the sun goes down allowing you to dress without a sweater or sleeves. However, showing more of your skin necessitates you take extra special care of yourself during this time of year. The sun can be a sight for sore eyes each June but care must be taken to avoid the potentially harmful effects of the sun.

Sunscreen needs to be a critical element in your summertime beauty regimen. You will not only see the immediate benefits of using sunscreen now but also in to the future as you block the damaging UV rays that can slowly turn your skin to a rough leather appearance in your later years. Make sure you are using a sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least thirty-five. Don't forget to apply sunscreen daily during the summer months - even if you are not planning a day at the pool or beach.

Being outside in the sunshine and open air is certainly healthy for you and will naturally enhance your skin tones. Give your skin pores a much needed break and take advantage of not having to wear as much makeup during the summer. Your face will thank you as your pores will be able to breathe a bit easier without the heavy makeup and the extra cosmetics. Using a brush to add highlights to your cheeks and eyes will work nicely when needed. Don't forget protection for your lips - adding a sheer gloss will help guard against the suns rays and summer breeze.

If you find yourself needing to use more makeup than this, keep in mind the advances in waterproof cosmetics. These products can prevent your makeup from running and smearing after perspiring or participating in outside events when the temperatures rise to unbearable levels.

The summertime should be a time to have fun, relax and take in the healthful benefits that the sun provides. Remember to "use the sun in moderation" and enjoy the activities and playtime that the outdoors has to offer.

Easy Techniques For A Beautiful and Lasting Manicure or Pedicure

Doing your own nails is an enjoyable approach to expressing oneself, but do it wrong and you could be continuously repairing your chipped nails. And I do not need to tell you what a pain that can be. To avoid such a disaster - try to follow the following tips below.

For gooness sake - begin with thorough washed hands and feet. Make sure your nails are nice and clean. If your nails are already polished from a prior painting, use a nail polish remover to eliminate it entirely. Even if your nails are bare, apply nail polish remover using a cotton ball to swab the oils that may be left behind.

Use a base coat first and apply to your nails. A base coat is any clear nail polish. Make certain your clear polish precisely is labeled as a base coat, however. Always let your nails dry naturally and completely before going forward.

Start out with a stripe of polish across the center of the nail, followed by a stripe across the left and finally the right. This should completely cover the surface of the entrie nail. Begin with thin coats. Allow to dry before you add additional coats. Use a cotton swab dipped in a nail polish remover to clean off polish applied to the skin.

After you have completed applying the color, remember to add a top coat. The base coat will assist in keeping the color on the nail, and the top coat protects the polish. A top coat is critical if you are using a crackle stye or any nail ornaments.

The addage "you get what you pay for" applies here. Spend a little bit more to purchase a nail color that lasts. It makes no sense to purchase a cheap bottle of polish if you end up continuoosly applying and re-applying. The same warning applies to quick dry nail polish. They certainly sound convenient and are less expensive but this type of polish is prone to chipping. When doing your own manicure or pedicure it is important to remain calm and patient. Spending a little extra effort painting your nails will be worth it - if it prenvents you from painting and repairing them over and over again.

Stay away from routines that will harm your nail polish. Swimming in a chlorinated pool, for example will induce nail polish to chip. If you must make use of your hands for tough projects, think about painting your toenails only. Clean and painted toenails while wearing flip flops or your fun bling sandals is a classic summer look. A good pedicure will tend to last longer than a good manicure.

Prevent having to repair your color, touching up the top coat every second or third day. Doing so will help keep your color bright and prevent chipping.

Discover what brands work best fo you. Check the web for advice and forums from real users as they often provide genuine and honest reviews and suggestions of products to use. If you see a friend with an interesting color - asking the name of the product will flatter her. You will be surprised how easy it is to get people to volunteer their best kept secrets and tips.

It is easy to paint your nails. The secret is being able to keep your manicure and pedicure looking fresh and clean for a length of time. You will discover that with repetition and patience your technique willl improve through time.

Stay Away from Too Good to Be True Weight Loss Schemes this Swimsuit Season

The internet has been around long enough - and so have you - to know that you cannot believe every post and article you see on the net. Lose weight fast schemes do not work. Period, end of story. Besides, if you did lose weight fast by starving yourself - you would simple put the same pounds right back on - and then some... fast. If you want to look fabulous and beautiful this season in your swim suit ensemble and bling flip flops, I can tell you this: Stay away from the television infomercials that declare the secret to losing weight is only a credit card transaction away. Do Not Invest In Fast Fixes.

To help stay away from such cons, I have listed below three typical schemes that claim to help you lose weight fast so you can look great in your new swimsuit: These some of the more typical schemes that have been touting fast weight loss to everyone who wants to look great in their swimsuit.

Liquid Nourishment - Replacing your meals with a smoothie is not going to provide you with the fiber and nutrition your body needs. Nutritious dietary habits will supply your system with the vitamins and minerals required withoutn the additional calories. Replacing healthy meals with shakes is not going to help you shed pounds and it may lead you to overeat as you will continue to be hungry.

Spot Reducing - New Flash: There is absolutely no such thing as spot reducing. The idea is that one can exercise a single group of muscles or an area and lose weight only in that particular area. It simply does not make sense and It does not work for your legs, abs or anywhere else for that matter. Beware of any exercise program stating that their product can do such a thing - a red warning flag should be raised if you here these words uttered.

Trend Diets - Participating in a strange fad diet that is not nutritionally safe can cause you harm and make you sick. When you are sick you are guaranteed to look worse, rather than better. Who wants this when it's time slip on your new expensive swimsuit? Diets that instruct you to reduce calories to a dangerously low level is borderline starvation. As your body moves into “starvation mode,” it retains fat, because it does not know when the next scheduled meal will arrive. This will sabotage your hard work and effort. Any diet that requires you to consume only one form of food will also send your body into a panic mode, too.

We all want our bodies to look and be the best it can, right? You will achieve your goals in time if you simply exercise, eat healthy and take care of your skin, All the miracle supplements and diet schemes in the universe will not get you to your goal any faster. The gast fixes advertised are not fixes at all - and they sure are not fast. Attempting to follow the next fad dies will inevitably end up with your body in worse condition than when you began.

Do your research - consult your doctor and start today with a sensible fitness program and you will become more healthy and feel better in that sexy swimsuit before you know it. Once you start - do not quit. Stick with a program that works and you will continue to look and feel great for a lifetime.

Looking Fantastic in Summertime Fashion

Maintaining a healthy diet is only part of the process in order to look and feel your best in all your new summer fashions including sandals and the latest swimsuit apparel. It is just as important to maintain a scheduled exercise routine if you wish to reshape your body and tone up your figure.

If you are like the majority of us, none of us look like a magazine cover model and need a bit more than a makeup team to keep us satisfied with our bodies and skin. The proper diet is always critical to a path to good health. But exercise is the single most important factor in getting your body in great fashion shape.

Start Exercising Gradually

It seems like the summer fashion season is alwasy here - or just around the corner. Take a measured approach when starting your exercise routine. Too many people start of with good attentions, but burn out quickly as their dreams of a toned body rapidly fade. Starting too soon with a strenuous exercise schedule also makes one susceptible to sustainging an injury as well. Your regimen is meant to last for more than one summer - and if done properly will continue in to the fall and winter months as you reap the benefits of keeping a great figure and staying in top shape.

When looking for a workout routuine, select one that is right for you. If you like your workout, you are more likely to stick with it - and if you stick with it - you are more likely to become successfull and lose weight and tone up your figure. If the weather permits, consider bicylcling or power walking to work the larger muscles of your lower body. These muscles tend to be the last area to begin displaying tone and definition but are the easiest to immediately work hard to the point of feeling the burn.

If summmer is already here, or if you have access to an indoor pool during the winter, consider swimming as part of your schedule. This is another exellent workout that builds great tone and is an easy way to get your heart rate up. As you swim your laps - keep thinking how great you will look in the summer lounging about by the sunny pool in your new bikini and bling flip flops.

There are plenty of ways to exercise. Find one or two things you enjoy doing and stick with them both. Plan to workout at least three times a week and you will soon see your new summertime figure taking on a great shape.

Blew Out My Flip Flop

I do not know if the term Bling Flip Flop has ever been used in a song lyric before.

Probably not.

But I often think about the classic Jimmy Buffet line below from "Margaritaville" that often runs through my head as I slip on a pair of flip flops for this daily adventure called Life.

I blew out my flip-flop
Stepped on a pop-top
Cut my heel had to cruise on back home
But there's booze in the blender
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on...

Has there every been a cooler song written around the word: flip flop? I certainly doubt it. Time to hit the beach!

Margaritaville was written and performed by Jimmy Buffet in 1992.


Bridal Flip Flops Are Practical and Fun

A bride wearing flip flops at her wedding? Are you crazy?

Now just wait a minute - Bridal Bling is a popular and legitimate fashion design these days and if done tastefully and correct, can be a practical and a fun way to accessorize a wonderful wedding experience.

When you think about it, bridal flip flops actually make sense. These rhinestone flip flops are a great accessory to slip on after the wedding ceremony as you make your way through the reception and evening. The flip flops keep your feet fresh and comfortable and enable you to enjoy the day or evening with your family and loved ones.

Plus, bridal bling flip flops also allow you to adhere to the formal motif of a wedding and at the same time show your sassy and playful side.

So - Yes! Bridal bling flip flops get a resounding thumbs up from the fashion judges!

Tan Safe to Look Great in Your Summer Outfits by Tanning Indoors

It's still cool outside and you already have several fabulous summer outfits you cannot wait to begin wearing. Spring and summer are just around the corner - but your tan is still on winter break. In the past, getting a decent tan meant spending hours and days outside under the harsh brutal sun rays that damaged your delicate skin.

The good old sun can bring us many of great benefits. It warms our seas and land, facilitates the growth of trees, animals and vegetation. It delivers us a healthful dose of Vitamin D and will even bake our skin to a lovely and attractive golden tan that makes us look healthy, youthful and active. It also helps us look better in our summer ensemble from a sundress to our sassy bling flip flops protecting our tanned and pedicured feet.

But, the sun is not a friend to your skin when left unprotected for long periods of time when trying to get a tan. However, the more we know about sun tanning the more we learn about the harmful short term and long term effects on our skin. Left unprotected the sun's UVN rays and UVA rays will turn on us and damage our skin beyond repair.

Thanks to technology, there are ways today to look tanned and healthy without spending time in the sun. Many will argue that these alternatives to tanning under the sun are also less severe and will not dry out or age your skin like the sun will.

Tan in a bottle without the sun - These types of products have been with us many years and have became more commonly accepted by the public as the harmful results of exposure to the sun have become more universally understood and accepted. Years ago, using these types of products produced an unatural orange uneven tan. Today, the product is more natural and easier to use. The degree of your tanning shade is more controled by the consumer.

The spray on tan - Today, getting a spray on tan is very popular when you need a full body tan that is more realistic and evenly applied. Most professional hair salons offer this service now. One downside is having to endure the fumes as your tan is applied. Spray on tanning is great when you have a special occasion or event and is safer than a tanning bed.

Tanning beds - While tanning beds do provide a tan without being in the sun, caution should be applied here as tanning bed rays are considered unsafe by many now as the UVA rays and UVB rays the bed emits are similar to the rays found in the sunshine. Use caution.

We all find ourselves outsides thoughout our busy daily schedules. When you do venture out doors please consider using sunscreen that shows an SPF score of 30 or more for adequate protection from the sun's rays. Remember, you do not have to be at the beach before using properly applied sun screen.

Finally, tanning indoors without the sun is much safer for your health and skin. It is also a great way to jumpstart your spring and summer season by allowing you to wear summer clothing and footwear early and before anyone else. Remember to check with your doctor prior to beginning any sunless tanning schedule.

Prepare Your Skin – Don’t Let Summer Get The Best of You

Taking care of your skin is a full time job and one that does not diminish or lessen in the wintertime. Duing the colder months, you may not expose your skin to the elements - but your skin is definitely doing battle with the harsh realities of dry weather, cold temperatures and over heated inside environments. So, when springtime first begins to hint of its return - and you are already thinking of buying more bling flip flops, sandals and swimsuits - you should already have your skin in a good condition to reveal it to the bright warmth of the sun.

Facts About Your Skin

Let's be honest. In the winter months, there are a few things that you tend to let go. After all, you happen to be all bundled up to keep warm so who sees you anyway, right? Do you really shave your legs throughout the winter just like you do during the summer season? I understand. However, the thing you don't want to “let go” is your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ within your body. In contrast to other organs your skin is actually on the outside of your body for all to see. When your skin is there on exhibit, you would like to look your very best, so this means presenting your very best possible looking skin cells.

The skin constantly renews by itself through losing dead skin cells. This process is what provides your skin a pleasant, healthy glow. Whenever these cells are not eliminated, moisturized, and protected, it is possible to end up with dry, dull, flaky skin.

Tips for Great Summer Skin

Looking after your skin does not begin day one of summer. - Correct skin care starts well before you take off that winter weather gear. However, if spring has now sprung, do not panic, It still isn’t too late to get your skin in form for the summer season. Here is 5 great tips to get going on your summer skin restoration program. Read on and let's get started!

Moisturize. - All of us lose moisture through our skin in a number of ways. Sweat removes water and salt from your skin. Harsh or severe soaps, cosmetics, along with other chemicals we use on our body may also rob our skin of moisture. Immediately after bathing, utilizing baby oil or another light natural oil on the skin will help secure moisture with out blocking your pores. Throughout the day use a mild, non-greasy lotion with sun-protection to shield your skin from unsafe elements. Avoid heavy creams as they possibly can block pores and trigger more problems.

Exfoliate your skin. - As we wash our skin, we aren't always taking away all of the dead skin cells. By using a loofah, sponge, or washcloth regularly you will help remove those dry flakes of skin and promote skin restoration. For further exfoliation, utilize a facial scrub or body scrub once per week, massaging gently in a circular pattern.

Shave well ahead of time before being in the sun. - The summer season is the time we stop playing the part of the great wooly mammoth from “Ice Age” and shed our fur coats. Be cautious when working with a razor and shave against the grain of the hair. This will assist by swiftly removing the hair without having to work the blade over your skin too much. Using a moisturizing shave cream will likely help the razor operate correctly and smoothly over your skin. Always shave a minimum of 24 hours before spending time outside in the sun.

You cannot forget your feet. - If you forget to take care of your feet, you will not be the only one who notices. And worse yet, you will not be able to wear the cool bling flip flops that arrive each season. Believe me, those who must look at your unkempt feet are quite often well... annoyed. Besides, our feet do a large amount of work plus they deserve the most effective care. Invest in a regualaryly scheduled pedicure to keep your feet looking sexy attractive and feeling great. Between pedicures, make sure to scrub your feet every morning and hydrate immediately with moisterizer. Then, again at night, moisturize your feet and slip them into socks before heading off to bed.

Hydrate yourself. - To renew your skin's glow and elasticity, you have got to put moisture back in to your body. Think about it - our bodies are mainly water so it only makes sense that we must drink plenty of water to stay healthy. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water or more every day will assist in restoring your skin's elasticity, allowing your skin to feel great and look great, too.

The bottom line: Start taking care of your skin today if you want to run in to the fun summertime season with beautiful and radiant skin.