Summer is a Time for Outdoor Fun

One of the most "fun fashion" times of the year is summer. The weather is nice and warm and depending on where you live, the evenings continue to be pleasant after the sun goes down allowing you to dress without a sweater or sleeves. However, showing more of your skin necessitates you take extra special care of yourself during this time of year. The sun can be a sight for sore eyes each June but care must be taken to avoid the potentially harmful effects of the sun.

Sunscreen needs to be a critical element in your summertime beauty regimen. You will not only see the immediate benefits of using sunscreen now but also in to the future as you block the damaging UV rays that can slowly turn your skin to a rough leather appearance in your later years. Make sure you are using a sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least thirty-five. Don't forget to apply sunscreen daily during the summer months - even if you are not planning a day at the pool or beach.

Being outside in the sunshine and open air is certainly healthy for you and will naturally enhance your skin tones. Give your skin pores a much needed break and take advantage of not having to wear as much makeup during the summer. Your face will thank you as your pores will be able to breathe a bit easier without the heavy makeup and the extra cosmetics. Using a brush to add highlights to your cheeks and eyes will work nicely when needed. Don't forget protection for your lips - adding a sheer gloss will help guard against the suns rays and summer breeze.

If you find yourself needing to use more makeup than this, keep in mind the advances in waterproof cosmetics. These products can prevent your makeup from running and smearing after perspiring or participating in outside events when the temperatures rise to unbearable levels.

The summertime should be a time to have fun, relax and take in the healthful benefits that the sun provides. Remember to "use the sun in moderation" and enjoy the activities and playtime that the outdoors has to offer.