Tan Safe to Look Great in Your Summer Outfits by Tanning Indoors

It's still cool outside and you already have several fabulous summer outfits you cannot wait to begin wearing. Spring and summer are just around the corner - but your tan is still on winter break. In the past, getting a decent tan meant spending hours and days outside under the harsh brutal sun rays that damaged your delicate skin.

The good old sun can bring us many of great benefits. It warms our seas and land, facilitates the growth of trees, animals and vegetation. It delivers us a healthful dose of Vitamin D and will even bake our skin to a lovely and attractive golden tan that makes us look healthy, youthful and active. It also helps us look better in our summer ensemble from a sundress to our sassy bling flip flops protecting our tanned and pedicured feet.

But, the sun is not a friend to your skin when left unprotected for long periods of time when trying to get a tan. However, the more we know about sun tanning the more we learn about the harmful short term and long term effects on our skin. Left unprotected the sun's UVN rays and UVA rays will turn on us and damage our skin beyond repair.

Thanks to technology, there are ways today to look tanned and healthy without spending time in the sun. Many will argue that these alternatives to tanning under the sun are also less severe and will not dry out or age your skin like the sun will.

Tan in a bottle without the sun - These types of products have been with us many years and have became more commonly accepted by the public as the harmful results of exposure to the sun have become more universally understood and accepted. Years ago, using these types of products produced an unatural orange uneven tan. Today, the product is more natural and easier to use. The degree of your tanning shade is more controled by the consumer.

The spray on tan - Today, getting a spray on tan is very popular when you need a full body tan that is more realistic and evenly applied. Most professional hair salons offer this service now. One downside is having to endure the fumes as your tan is applied. Spray on tanning is great when you have a special occasion or event and is safer than a tanning bed.

Tanning beds - While tanning beds do provide a tan without being in the sun, caution should be applied here as tanning bed rays are considered unsafe by many now as the UVA rays and UVB rays the bed emits are similar to the rays found in the sunshine. Use caution.

We all find ourselves outsides thoughout our busy daily schedules. When you do venture out doors please consider using sunscreen that shows an SPF score of 30 or more for adequate protection from the sun's rays. Remember, you do not have to be at the beach before using properly applied sun screen.

Finally, tanning indoors without the sun is much safer for your health and skin. It is also a great way to jumpstart your spring and summer season by allowing you to wear summer clothing and footwear early and before anyone else. Remember to check with your doctor prior to beginning any sunless tanning schedule.